She Can Find Her Way:
Women Travelers at Their Best

Edited by Ann Starr

"What an inspired collection of travel essays! Once again, I'm reminded that travel is more about the journey than the destination. These volumes should be required reading for all women travelers. Or, for that matter, for anyone embarking on a globe-trotting adventure."
—Clifford Garstang, editor of Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet

In She Can Find Their Way: Women Travelers at Their Best, women of all ages tell true stories of their most memorable and challenging travel experiences: how they overcame adversity while traveling alone. These are the stories most women won't repeat when they get home, assuring parents and friends that everything was fine.
Come along to read what these twenty-two women encountered in Tunisian villages, in Amsterdam markets, and on Mt. Etna's rim; in central Pennsylvania's cornfields, and bike riding in Baja. Imagine yourself surveilled by a Native American on a horse as you explore a reservation uninvited, or find yourself the intended sexual plaything of grinning Israeli soldiers whose only language you understand is their guns.
Our authors find themselves unexpectedly intrepid and ingenious when they have to rely on themselves to get where they are going. Some of their stories of wit or worry, haplessness or perseverance will make you laugh; others will touch your heart as they face life crises that require relocation, lowered expectations, or grieving on the road. All demonstrate women's aptitudes for finding their ways with their own resources, ad-libbing with nerve and verve.
A Fitting Format: She Can Find Her Way is published in four slim volumes packed with 300 pages of travel stories, housed as a boxed set in a customized slipcase. The compact 7" by 5" format and the lightness of the books make each one ideal to toss into your purse, briefcase, laptop case, overnight bag, or backpack. These are ideal books reading for a flight, a layover, an overnight, in your tent on a rainy day—not to mention a day on the beach, or the lunch break at your desk.


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